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Lions For Lamb 2007 DvdRip Full HD Movie Free Download Two determined students at a West Coast university, Arian (Derek Luke) and Ernest (Michael Peña), at the urging of their idealistic professor, Dr. Malley (Redford), attempt to do something important with their lives. They make the bold decision to enlist in the army to fight in Afghanistan after graduating from college.

Dr. Malley also attempts to reach talented and privileged, but disaffected, student Todd Hayes (Andrew Garfield), who is not at all like Arian and Ernest. He is naturally bright, comes from a privileged background, but has apparently slipped into apathy upon being disillusioned at the present state of affairs. Now, he devotes most of his time to extra-curricular activities like his role as president of his fraternity. Malley tests him by offering a choice between a respectable grade of ‘B’ in the class with no additional work required or a final opportunity to re-engage with the material of the class and “do something.” Before Todd makes his choice, he must listen to Dr. Malley’s story of his former students Arian and Ernest and why they are in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a charismatic Republican presidential hopeful, Senator Jasper Irving (Cruise), has invited liberal TV journalist Janine Roth (Streep) to his office to announce a new war strategy in Afghanistan: the use of small units to seize strategic positions in the mountains (“forward operating points”) before the Taliban can occupy them. The senator hopes that Roth’s positive coverage will help convince the public that the plan is sound.

Roth has her doubts and fears she is being asked to become an instrument of government propaganda. Near the end of the film, she informs her commercially-minded boss of her plans to call out the senator’s new strategy for what she feels is a ploy, but is shot down. Ultimately, Irving’s version of the story is run without the critical interaction. Whether Roth gave in and toed the company line or quit her job is not clear. Lions For Lamb 2007 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

In Afghanistan, a helicopter carrying Arian and Ernest is hit by Taliban insurgents. Ernest falls out, and Arian jumps after him. Ernest’s leg is badly wounded, and he suffers a compound fracture, rendering him immobile as theTaliban arrive. After a drawn-out gunfight, the U.S. soldiers run out of ammunition. Rather than getting captured, Arian helps Ernest stand up, facing the enemies and turning their empty weapons against them, an action which prompts the Taliban to kill them. The unit commanders attempt a rescue of the downed soldiers, sending A-10 Warthogs, but the weather, time, and distance interfere.

Hayes is then seen watching television with a friend. A reporter is discussing a singer’s private life, while below runs a strip announcing Senator Irving’s new military plan for Afghanistan. He suddenly falls quiet, contemplating the choices with which his professor had left him.

Lions For Lamb 2007 DvdRip Full HD Movie Free Download

Full Name: Lions For Lamb 2007
Release Date: 9 November 2007 (USA)
Size: 701 MB
Quality: DvdRip
Genres:  Drama, Thriller, War
Language: English
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Lions For Lamb 2007 DvdRip Full HD Movie Free Download

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