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The Do Over 2016 Full HD Movie Free Download

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Movie Overview

The Do Over 2016 Full HD Movie Free Download At a High School Reunion, Charlie McMillian stands alone and soon meets his old friend/childhood neighbor, Max Kessler, who claims to be in the FBI and the guys hang out at a bar where Charlie reveals to have a bad life as he is working in a bank inside a grocery store, he is the stepdad of twin sons who disrespect him, and his wife, Nikki, constantly cheats on Charlie with her ex-husband and hangs out with her friends rather than him and is planning to take a weekend trip to Florida with her friends, putting off her weekend with Charlie. He accepts Max’s invitation to hang out on his yacht and the duo have a fun day, but on the following night Max unexpectedly drugs Charlie and blows up the yacht as he escapes with Charlie on a lifeboat. The next morning, Charlie finds himself strapped to a motel bed and Max is also there. He frees Charlie and explains that he drugged Charlie and blew up the yacht so he could fake their deaths and live a new life (which Charlie earlier stated that he wanted to do) and has maxed out his credit card, receiving over $62,000 and he and Charlie have new identities of two dead people, Ronald P. Fishman (Charlie) and Butch Ryder (Max), who are soon revealed to have died in the ocean. Max also reveals that his FBI job was a duplicity as he is actually a coroner at the city morgue.

Charlie is at first appalled by this and returns home, but finds at his funeral that nobody cares that he’s dead, he is replaced at his job, his possessions are being sold off, and his wife has fully reconciled with her ex-husband. Realizing that Max did him a favor, he returns to him and the men decide to live their lives on the fullest by relocating to Puerto Rico and raid a safety deposit box belonging to one of the dead men (Butch) when Max finds a key to the box in Butch’s rear end. They manage to get access to the box and find a lot of cash, a tablet, and a note belonging to Butch’s alleged ex-lover, Dakota, who gave Butch the keys to Butch’s ‘secret hideout’ in Puerto Rico. They steal Butch’s Ferrari California and head to a bar where Max warns Charlie to keep a low profile since there are bound to be folks who know what the two deceased men look like as he has taken pictures of them on his phone. After Max gets a tattoo on his back and Charlie gets his tongue pierced to put in a tongue ring since Butch and Ronald had them respectively, the duo meet their new next door neighbor, Dawn, who invite them to Club Oro that night, where they meet Dawn’s friend Joan and shooter boy Jorge. When Max has Charlie put in a threesome between Jorge and Dawn, he has Dawn reveal that the one overseeing “Butch and Ronald’s” move said that the buyer’s were in a rush to get to the new house.

The Do Over 2016 Full HD Movie Free Download 
Full Name: The Do Over 2016
Release Date: 27 May 2016 (USA)
Size: 900 MB
Quality: DvdRip
Genres: Comedy
Language: English
Cast: Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton
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